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say it with me now "pill-ta-tope"

now go hear us at www.purevolume.com/piltatope

Over and over again I have kicked myself about naming this band after a word that only really exists in my own mind. However, I personally like how it sounds, and will never ever change it. Piltatope plays adjitated soul music and does its best to balance intresting and most of the time loud melody lines, with a vanilla sounding guitar, a well placed Jazz-esque rhythm section, odd bass lines, piano, and funny buzzing noises that come out of someone elses guitar
The idea behind the music is to make songs that are in a sense, love songs. Topics such as love, heartbreak, and longing are quite common in our music, but we have yet to write a song blaming, or praising the opposite sex. The songs are about God, and how he works in our lives, how he desires to be close with us, and what living in his spirit shows us about the world we live in. They deal with the joy of finding salvation, and the thick pain you feel when someone is so close to knowing God, and yet refuses to take that final step. I love this music, I love its purpose, and where it takes us to show the author of its purpose, who is of course Jesus Christ.
the last time I saw them play I was in . . .
We can be found playing everywhere from concert venues to coffee shops, bars, and churches in the OC/LA/SD areas in southern California, and we have a tendencey to set up tours around the west coast, the mid west and canada, so watch out. Piltatope is made up of a couple local bands(the nothing, and stairwell,) So if you are a local, then you are in luck, or out of luck if you happen to loathe our type of music. If you happen to be into Pedro the Lion, Calexico, Rufus Wainwright, Fugazi, Pal, The littlest Man, Damion Jurardo, SuperChunk, Bob Dylan, Chris Cacavas, Ben Folds Five, Chamberlain, Destroyer, Pavement, The Flaming Lips, The Polyphonic Spree and Stevie Wonder than hopefully you would desire come around and visit us once in a while.

Piltatope  will be playing

Jan 31st @ Minder binders in Tempe Az. with The Suburban Legends, Starpool, Workshirt Wonder, and the Dietrichs.  the show starts at about 3pm@

Minder Binders
715 S. McClintock Rd
Tempe, AZ

Feb 14th (Valentine's Day)@ the attic cafe in Anaheim on with The Nothing and a special guest.  The show starts at 5pm.  The attic is at 1658 west lincoln in Anaheim.

Feb 22nd @ Alex's Bar in Long Beach with Fielding, and Odelia. 21+ the cost will be three dollars, and all your love.  The show will start at 8pm     visit Alexsbar.com for address and directions.



give us a chance, we are free for goodness sakes!
If perhaps you decide to book us, go ahead and drop me a line. As of now we will play shows for free, but that might change when we start getting more well known, and arrogant. Please try to identify that you are writing me reguarding Piltatope, so I don't mistake you for pornography ads and quickly erase you.

we have a new five song album, hear a couple songs @ purevolume.com/piltatope
We have a new demo out, It doesn't have a title, but it has a glorious picture of a duck on the cover.  There are 5 new songs, and we invited a saw to come along and acompany us.  Bring 5 dollars, and it will be yours. 

the drumer for Def Leapord ain't got nothin on me

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